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My name is Kimberly and I am a retired Registered Nurse with a Bacheloriate in Nursing and Psychology.  My goal and my passion is to provide personalized assistance to individuals, human or otherwise, and families to ensure solutions are found.  I have been providing paid care for animals and People (out of a nursing capacity) for over a decade.

I am an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church for which my beliefs are as theirs that "We are all children of the same Universe" so am open to all belief systems and will perform services as desired.  I am a Notary Public as well and will witness signings according to Arizona State Law.

I provided nursing services from 1994 to 2018 and have been providing services with my business since 2009.  The beginning of my nursing career was spent as a Critical Care Nurse who traveled to 6 different states/multiple locations gaining experience and knowledge of the people and their environments.  I spent the second half of my nursing career working in a case management role in many different environments.  I have traveled to many countries throughout the world and love to learn about the people and cultures of the world so that I may provide the most outstanding care for those people and their loved ones.

For years I have discovered that people did not understand the instructions given to them by a physician or the doctor did not actually communicate his/her expectations and goals to them. Doctors' job is not to "tell you what to do" and you follow the instructions without knowing why.

If you are not able to follow these instructions but don't tell your doctor why the doctor may continue to try other paths to achieve the goal without either of you knowing what may be working or not.  That should never be an issue.  People need to know that they are entitled to understand their own health and the personalized time is not provided due to the healthcare issues that I will not express here.  I know that I can assist in making sure that you understand what your doctors are telling you and you are providing the information to your caregivers that they need in order to provide the support you/your loved one need. 

I have always loved animals and my dream when I was a child was to work with marine mammals when I grew up.  I have had gerbils, hamsters, hermit crabs, baby bunnies (that had been separated from their mother) as a child and bottle fed them.  I brought a puppy home with me for my mother's birthday when I was 14, she was not too thrilled but I sure was!  At that time I did not know much about training a puppy so things did not work out like I had planned and my parents found a good home for her with a better structured environment.

As an adult now, I have had a service canine, TigerLily who was half Labrador and half St Bernard.  She was perfect but was sadly declining the last half of 2017.  I got a Standard Poodle puppy, Leavenworth (Leavie) in the fall of 2017, prior to Lily's transition to Heaven,  who I am still hoping will be able to take Lily's place as my Diabetic Alert Dog.  Leavie is turning out to be a really wonderful girl and I am so proud of her.  I have taken care of several animals with health issues and am able to provide medication for them when needed.  I have taken care of many different species as well as been through several different animals' birthing.  I am particularly fond of large dogs but love all and my other 2 favorite animals are horses and elephants but I won't be taking care of too many of them, LOL! But really I do love all animals and want to learn as much about every one that I can and get to know each animal's unique personality.

Call me today:  (480) 227-6991

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