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Dedicated to Assisting in Your Family's Needs.

Providing Services Needed to Live a Happy, Safe and Healthy Life
at Reasonable Prices
At KSP Consulting, your home care needs will be met.  For example...
  • You have to go out of town and you do not want to put your fur baby in a "kennel" environment or leave them home alone:  I can stay with your animal(s) or your dogs can stay with me. If you do not have any family members or animals and you do not want to leave your home empty I can house sit, as long as my totally non-shedding canine can come with me.
  • You want to get married or handfasted with your partner in life.  You want to welcome a new member of the family. You want to celebrate the journey of a loved one's life.
  • You have a question about your doctor visits: I can help you sort through it and assist you with the needs to promote communication.  This service helps ensure that doctor's advice is understood and applicable to YOUR life.
  • You have a family member whose health has become a concern:  I can provide services to assist with a Plan of Care for those issues.
  •  I can check on Mom/Dad/kids/siblings and/or stay with them as well.
Family Services

KSP provides services for you and your family, whether they are human or otherwise:

  • Elder, Child, Pet Care

  • In-home consultation

  • Doctor appointment accompaniment

  • Shopping and other personalized assistance

  • Notary Services

  • Home Organization

  • Perform Weddings, Welcoming of a Child, Goodbye Services, etc. Any for animals as well.

  • And many other services, just ask!!

Pet Care
KSP provides pet sitting in your home or dog boarding in ours:
  • Love and Comfort
  • Play
  • Socialization
  • Training reinforcement
  • Medications: oral, topical, ear, eye, rectal or injectable
  • Feeding
  • Bathing/minor grooming
  • Day and/or Overnight
  • Multiple species experience
  • Animal CPR & First Aid
  • Bonded & Insured
Better Care Starts with You!

Testimonials/References & Complete background check available on Rover.com and upon request.

Call me today:  (480) 227-6991

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